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— When the Dutch startup The Correspondent broke every record for crowdfunding in journalism worldwide - raising $1.7 million in just 30 days in the spring of 2013 - the founders decided to develop a platform suited to their innovative form of journalism.

The Respondens platform allows journalists to truly function as discussion leaders, inviting readers to share their expertise and then responding with their own findings. After all, 100 physician readers invariably know more than one Health Care Correspondent. The stories emerging from this new online collaboration are changing journalism. Respondens gives all sorts of knowledge a foothold in the media, shaping the stories we tell one another.

Thanks to Respondens, the 36 journalists working for The Correspondent can join forces with its more than 56,000 paying members.

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We're developing the world's largest rolodex

— The greatest untapped source of knowledge in journalism are the readers themselves.

Thanks to the superb design of Respondens, we see readers eager to share their expertise with the journalists at The Correspondent. Respondens allows the Education Correspondent to discuss classroom innovation in depth with — who better? — the teachers themselves. We witness the contributions the platform makes to journalism on a daily basis.

This collective research leads to richer, well-founded stories, grounded in very specific expertise, yet accessible to a broader readership. That's why we aim to make Respondens available to journalists worldwide.

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Respondens is not yet available for wider use. To stay in the loop about all our plans, sign up for the Respondens newsletter. We'll keep you updated on new developments, like how we came up with three better alternatives for hyperlinks .

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