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At De Correspondent we use our very own editor called Respondens, a new kind of CMS allowing expert correspondents to truly function as conversation leaders.

Respondens is designed to fit the needs of storytellers, making it easy for authors to control story streams, create layouts, extract knowledge from their audience, and work with the editorial staff

To manage the entire editorial workflow creative agency Momkai, as founding partner of journalism platform De Correspondent, created this new publishing editor and framework which is continuously being developed.


The platform that believes every reader is an expert

De Correspondent is a Dutch-language, online journalism platform that enables members to contribute to content, and one that reports on stories that would otherwise slip under the radar of mainstream media; because they do not conform to what is normally understood to be ‘news.’

We launched on September 30th, 2013, after raising a total of 1.7 million dollars, a world record in journalism crowd-funding. This news platform now has more than 25.000 paying members.

It was initiated by philosopher and publicist Rob Wijnberg and co-founded together with creative director Harald Dunnink, chief technical officer Sebastian Kersten and publisher Ernst-Jan Pfauth.

The Correspondent

The prospect of Respondens as a new editor for your business or publication can raise a lot of questions. That's why we are here to explain the concept, address your questions, and help you decide if it's right for you.

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De Correspondent is a world record in journalism crowd-funding turned into an actual publication. Learn more about how these expert correspondents use Respondens and how it inspires its readers to become participants.

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